Often people have the same questions that have been asked many times before. This is a list of commonly asked questions and answers.

What is WebMail?
Where can subscribers use WebMail?
Why use WebMail instead of a regular e-mail program?
Is there a fee to use WebMail?
Can subscribers use WebMail in conjunction with multiple e-mail accounts?
Can subscribers add names directly to the address book from the address book?
How do subscribers set up a group mailing list?
How long do message stay available in WebMail?

What is WebMail?
Web Mail lets subscribers handle their e-mail through a web browser from any terminal on the Internet, anywhere in the world. The WebMail screens are displayed via the Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Netscape) that subscribers use, so they will still see other screen toolbars for the browser along the top. WebMail includes all the functionality required from an e-mail program, including support for attachments, contacts, and folders.

WebMail offers Internet subscribers the functionality found in the most popular e-mail clients, such as support for multiple folders, file attachments, address books, draft messages, and signatures. Additionally, WebMail leaves a copy of the e-mail messages on the mail server so Internet users can still pull the message off the server from their e-mail client when they return to their regular computer.

Where can subscribers use WebMail?
Any where there is a browser available - they do not need to download or install any additional software. The abundance of public Internet terminals in libraries, cafes, airports and universities makes WebMail highly accessible. Subscribers' regular e-mail addresses and passwords are all that is required to log in.

Why use WebMail instead of a regular e-mail program?
WebMail is a convenient way to check e-mail while subscribers are away from their normal computer terminal. It is intended for temporary and occasional use while traveling, when convenience is the most important factor. As long as they have access to the Internet via a browser, they can send and receive mail, and create and maintain an address book while away from home.

Is there a fee to use WebMail?
There is no additional charge for WebMail. However, when accessing the WebMail interface via the subscriber's own high speed cable Internet connection (e.g. from home), normal network traffic usage apply.

Can subscribers use WebMail in conjunction with multiple e-mail accounts?
Yes. If they have activated additional mailboxes with their account, subscribers can access these from WebMail by logging in with the appropriate e-mail address and password. In order to log in as a different user, they must first log out of their existing WebMail session, then close and reopen a browser window before they can log in under a different user name.

Can subscribers add names directly to the address book from e-mail?
Yes. If they view the e-mail there is a line titled “Options” near the top of the mail. (With default settings, this will be the last line of text in the blue header bar at the top of their e0mail.) The last item on this line is “Add Sender to Address book”.

Can subscribers use multiple names from the address book?
Yes. The address book search will display all matches for the search criteria entered in the search box. If 10 names are displayed any combination may be selected for either the To: or CC: fields. All selected addresses will be inserted into the proper field when the Use Address button is pressed.
How do subscribers set up a group mailing list?
Please note that this process has changed from the previous version of WebMail. Subscribers can only add addresses in their address book to groups. Here are the steps that need to be followed:

Click on the options icon at the top of the page

Click on the “Address Groups” link on the options page

Click on “Add New Members”

Search for members to add or choose “List all” to list all people in the address book

Select the people to add by clicking on the checkbox on the left

If the subscriber is setting up a new mailing list, they must enter the name of the list in the box at the bottom

Click “Add” to add the people to the mailing list

Note: Subscribers can also view all groups and their members by clicking the 'List All Groups' link on the bottom of the groups option page.

How long do messages stay available in WebMail?
Depending on e-mail load, the messages are currently erased from the server under these conditions:

Read messages - erased after 30 days*

Unread messages - erased after 90 days*

If subscribers need to keep messages for longer periods of time, we recommend using an e-mail program like Outlook Express and downloading the message to their computer.

*Please note that these conditions are subject to change without notice.

If subscribers have any further questions, they should be able to find the answers using the “Help” tool in WebMail (which can be accessed by clicking on the ? In the top right corner of the program).